31 Journal Prompts for Self Discovery and Healing

Journaling has been something that I have been doing ever since I was in seventh grade. I loved to open up my journal and write about everything that happened in my day. It didn’t matter if it was sad or happy, I would write down everything in that journal like I was talking to my best friend. Sometimes it can be hard to know that to write about when you first start journaling and that is why I created a list of journal prompts to help get you started!

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01 – Choose one goal that you will try to accomplish this month. Write it down here. What are some steps you are going to take to achieve this goal?

02 – What makes you a unique person? Write about some things that you like about yourself. Keep this list near you the next time you start thinking low about yourself.

03 – What are some things that you thought a lot about as a child?

04 – What is one thing you need to work on this week?

05 – What is something that you are very grateful for today?

06 – When people first meet me, I hope they feel…

07 – What are you passionate about? What fills your heart with fulfillment?

08 – If I wasn’t afraid, I would…

09 – If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

10 – What is your inner critic telling you today? How are you going to counteract these thoughts?

11 – Write down three things that help you when you are having a stressful day.

12 – If I could have any superpower what would it be? Would you be a super hero or villain? What would your name be? Who would be your arch enemy?

13 – What are you worried about?

14 – If I had the chance to talk to my younger self I would say…

15 – Write about a hard time that you had in your life and how you got through it.

16 – I am lovable because…

17 – Three good things you see when you look in the mirror.

18 – Let’s pretend that we are one year older. What would you want your past self to accomplish this year?

19 – What is your favorite book / movie / song today? Why?

20 – Who would you like to connect / reconnect with?

21 – Use 40 words to describe your day.

22 –¬†Choose 3 photos on your phone or computer. Write about them! Why did you want to remember this moment?

23 – What are three things that you think about every single day?

24 – What did you think about love when you were younger? What do you think about love now? Discuss the similarities and differences. Have your views changed?

25 – What is the greatest life lesson that you learned this past year?

26 -Describe your personal style and aesthetic. Do you lean toward bright colors, neutrals, shades of black and gray? Do you follow current trends, celebrities, or models?

27 – Think about someone that you admire? What are the certain qualities that you admire? Is this someone you look up to? Someone you are jealous of?

28 – If you were an animal what animal would you be?

29 – What do you think people misunderstand about you?

30 – What are your thoughts on school at this point in your life?

31 – Did you accomplish your July goal? Write about your experience! Did you have any setbacks? Did you learn anything new about yourself during this month?

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