12 Things to Do in the Morning to Guarantee an Amazing Day!

Do you ever wake up, remember all the things you have to do, get overwhelmed, and put the covers back over your head and go back to sleep? ME TOO! It is so common to get overwhelmed in the morning by all of life’s responsibilities. Sometimes getting up and ready in the morning can be very difficult but what if I told you there are things you can do to guarantee that you will have a wonderful day?? Well you are in luck because today I am so excited to share with you some things that I do in the morning that will put with in a bright mood for the rest of the day!

Remember Your Dreams

What can I say…I’m a dreamer! What I like to do as soon as I open my eyes in the morning is take a minute and remember my dreams. Sometimes I even like to tell other people my dreams because they are so entertaining. Being mindful about what we are dreaming can be a very fun routine in the morning. Some of you are saying

“Hey Kristen! I cannot remember my dreams! What do I do?!”

That’s an amazing question! You can train yourself to remember your dreams by writing them down right when you wake up. Tonight leave a piece of paper on your nightstand and when you wake up write down everything you remember ASAP. You never know what it will say in the morning! The more you do this the easier it will be to remember your dreams + it’s so fun!

Wake up Early

I know this doesn’t sound like the best advice in the world but TRUST ME waking up early has changed my life. By waking up early I have more time in the morning to get things done including making breakfast, checking my email, doing a little homework, exercise, and the list goes on and on. Waking up early guarantees that I can get stuff down and not feel rushed in the morning!

Set Your Alarm to an Uplifting Tune

One of the big mistakes I made when I was trying to persuade myself to get up in the morning was I thought a loud, obnoxious alarm would get me up and moving. In reality I would hit the snooze button faster just so I didn’t have to hear it anymore! Instead of an annoying ringtone choose a ringtone that is calming and mellow. You can also choose one that is your favorite songs. My favorite songs to wake up to in the morning are:

  • “Happy” – Pharaell
  • “New Shoes” – Paolo Nutini
  • “Viva La Vida” – Coldplay
  • “September” – Earth, Wind & Fire

Let me know down in the comments your favorite wake up song and Ill add it to this list!

Make the Bed

I was one of those people who didn’t understand why people made their bed every morning. I mean…you are just going to get back into it at night! Why the heck would you make it just to mess it up again?? I learned later in life the benefits of making your bed and there are many!

  1. It helps you create a morning routine
  2. It makes your room look neat and tidy which will reduce unwanted stress.
  3. It teaches you that you cannot crawl back into bed in the morning to hide from your problems.

Open the Curtains

Open the curtains and let that bright light shine through! This is easier to do during those seasons of the year where light is more prominent in the morning. If you are in a time of year where there is no morning light then turn on some lights in your home. If you suffer with seasonal affective disorder you might also benefit from having a light box! Overall, having light in the house will help you start your day out on the right foot.

Detach from Negative Thoughts

Researchers say that we have 600,000 thoughts a day…how exhausting is that?! Some of these thoughts are negative and they can really weigh you down, especially in the morning. Instead of letting these thoughts consume you in the morning acknowledge them and give yourself permission to let them pass through you. The less we let these thoughts define us the more relaxed we will feel in the morning. If you want to put these thoughts somewhere you could spend 5 minutes of your morning filling the pages of a journal. This way it is out of your mind and you are free to have a positive morning.

Treat Yourself!

On the days that you need that extra push out the door TREAT YOURSELF! If you usually make breakfast at home then treat yourself to go get coffee at a coffee shop. Visversa if you always get breakfast on the go then take some time in the morning to treat yourself to a hand made breakfast! Do something this morning that makes you happy.

Go Outside

I used to live with a family member where every morning (rain or shine) they would go out in their back yard and work in their garden. They encouraged me to do the same when I was there and on the days I took them up on their offer I really saw the benefits. Getting outside is a great way to start off your morning. Whether you are working in the garden, walking the dog, or eating your breakfast in the sun, getting that fresh air is very rejuvenating!

Say Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is a simple but powerful statement that helps you strengthen the link between your conscious and unconscious mind. The more you say these phrases to yourself the more you will start believing it. Affirmations are great for those mornings where you feel drained, hopeless, or stressed. Here are a few affirmations that I tell myself on mornings where I need a little extra help.

“Everything is going to workout for my highest good.”

“I am in charge of my mind.”

“I am grateful for another day to make a positive contribution.”

“I have worth and I have purpose.”

Make a Top 3 List

Nothing is better than visualizing your goals for your day in the first few minutes of your morning. Take some time to write down your three main goals that you want to accomplish today! I like to write these goals down in my planner so when I am marking off my to-do list I can see them and be sure to GET THEM DONE!

Stay Off Social Media

If you are one of those people that as soon as you wake up You check your social media — stop that now! I never noticed how much social media affects me in the morning until I stopped looking at it. Instead of looking at the news, all your likes and new followers , first thing in the morning I would open my curtains and start making my breakfast. My morning now is so much more peaceful and calm.

Listen to Uplifting Music

Turn on your favorite music! Nothing makes me happier in the morning than listening to Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes” on repeat. I sing and dance and it makes me so motivated to have a great day!! Create a playlist of music that puts you in good spirits and play it in the morning!

These are just a few things that I do every morning to help me better the rest of my day. What do you do in the morning to help you have a good day? I would love to know because what helps you could help someone else 🙂

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